It’s all about the LOVE

Order today 💚

We are OPEN! Now officially MEAT FREE!

Same delicious pizza with new vegan & plant based meat options.


50% indoor dining capacity & 100% outdoor.

Masks are REQUIRED ❤️


3 thoughts on “Menu!

  1. Excellent service food is warm tastes delicious. Very good mucho meat pizza. Nice atmosphere to sit down and eat. Greek salad fresh. I like the radio station that was playing. Next time I might sit down and eat there.

  2. We love 2Guys! Now we love them even more! Two and 1/2 weeks ago, we brought family to eat here. Everything was fabulous. We paid in cash and left as very happy and satisfied customers. A week or so later, I noticed that the wallet (with no ID info in it) I keep my cash in was missing. I checked all around to no avail. I remembered that I paid in cash at 2 Guys and decided to stop in to check if I had left it there. YES! They had locked it away in a safe with my cash in it and hoped whoever lost it would come to claim it! I As always, we will be back!was so grateful to them. Not only are they are a great place to eat, but their integrity is beyond reproach. Thank you Justin for finding it and keeping it safe and to all who helped me retrieve it today, THANK YOU!

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